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Enhance Your Float TherapyNow that the cooler weather is here, we tend to gravitate towards warmth. Sweaters, layered clothing, soups (rather than salads), and hot showers or baths become the norm.

It is during this time of year, that our regular float enthusiasts tend to find their floats a little cooler! Well, Thera has a tip that will help. In order to quickly climatize in your float, a cooler, quick shower beforehand is recommended. This will enhance the float experience, and you will feel the difference immediately!

Taking a hot shower before your float increases the body’s external temperature, will give the sensation of the float being cooler. The pods are set to normal external body temperature, to maximize the float experience.

Summer flashback, ever jump into a heated swimming pool on a hot summer’s day, and it feels as if the waters freezing? But, once your body climatizes to the water temperature, it was much more pleasant than the initial shock…right?

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