How is the water cleaned?
After each float session and when the pods and pools are not being used, the water is filtrated automatically through a UVA filtration system which filtrates the water four times during each cycle and eliminates any bacteria or pathogens from the water. The pods and pool are disinfected on all interior and exterior surfaces with an environmentally friendly antibacterial and disinfectant between each float session. There is no use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine in the pods or pool and water is tested and maintained with an extensive physical and mechanical cleaning procedures and water safety protocol to meet the standards outline by Halton Region.

About float therapy?
We are more aware of the ailments that are caused by stress that is placed on the body from living in a fast paced, overly stimulated environment. In a float treatment all external stimulus is removed and allows the body to fully REST. Floating in a solution of epsom salt also known as magnesium sulfate allows the body to float weightlessly, taking all tension off muscles and joints while absorbing magnesium to help the body fully relax + restore.

What are some of the benefits of floating?

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Pain management of muscles and joints

What happens if I touch my face, or get water in my ear or eyes?
Please don’t touch your face during the float session or rub your eyes, like being in the ocean it will sting, and interrupt your float time. If this should happen, there is a spray bottle to rinse your eyes containing fresh water, and ear wash solution for your ears and a shower to rinse if required. Try not to make waves while in the pod or pool or excessively turning your head from side to side as this will avoid getting water in the eyes.

Is it better to wear swimwear when I float?
Swimwear holds bacteria in the material and most prefer to float without for this reason.

Why do I need to shower before and after the float?
Showering before helps to remove oils and bacteria from your skin before entering the float and after to rinse the salt off your body as you would do after swimming in the ocean.

Why do I need to wear ear plugs?
Ear plugs help to block out sound of the water in your ear and it creates a barrier between you and the water. Also, another way to keep bacteria from entering the body.

I’m floating in the same water as the person before me, how do I know that it is clean?
The water is cycled through a UVA filtration system that runs 24/7 disinfects as it cycles the water after each float. The filtration system continues to cycle when the pods and pools are not in use and pool are maintained to Public Health Standards of Halton Region. Maintenance requirements occur daily, weekly and monthly to maintain the highest standards and protocol.

What if I sink?
Don’t worry, you won’t! The pods and pool have water density as you would find in the dead sea. The density of the solution is 1000 pounds of Epsom salt that provides a natural buoyancy.

How deep is the water?
Approximately 10 inches.

How much Salt is in the water?
1000 pounds of Epsom salt solution fills the pods and 1400 pounds fills the pool

How do I know the session is over?
You will hear calming music that plays under water to notify you that the float is over. If you float with the lights “Off” they will turn on!

Is it as hot as a hot tub?
Not at all, the water is maintained at 94 ̊ Fahrenheit about the same the bodies temperature and the inside of the Pod room is 94 ̊Fahrenheit. This creates an environment of not feeling the water on your body or where the water ends, and the air begins.

How deep is the water can I drown if I fall asleep?
When floating you are lying face up so that even if you should fall asleep the water buoyancy will keep you a float!

What happens if I feel anxiety when I’m in the pod?
Counting slowing to 10 slowly and focusing on breathing in and out of the nose slowly as in mediation always helps. There is also an intercom system inside each pod and pool which will connect you to the front reception should you require any assistance. You may also keep the pod door slightly open during your first float or try our float pool.

Why do I have to give my credit card as part of the waiver so that I can float?
Thera The Massage & Float Collective Inc, reserves the right to charge a water maintenance fee of $1200 for any events or situations that are deemed as being negligent that results in the contamination of the water which would result in having the pods/pool to be drained and re-filled with a new salt solution.

If I take the membership can my friends use it?
Of course! Should you choose to float more than once a month (after your 1 float per month membership obligation of $55 per float) any other floats that month are only $45!

If I take the membership am I locked in for a year?
Your only requirement is your first and last float in advance and it is only a 4-month commitment.

When is not a good idea to float?

  • If you are currently suffering from vertigo as the pods and pools can give you the feeling of being in space and could increase these symptoms
  • If you have a recent tattoo
  • If you have any open wounds
  • If you have a Liver or Kidney disorder as floating increases circulation
  • If you are feeling nausea
  • If you have recently died your hair with in 7 days at the color will stay in our pods/pool
  • If your doctor has given any reason for you not to do so
  • If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Not having a light meal 60 minutes prior a float treatment

Is it normal to feel sick when floating or after a float?
At times you may feel nausea during or after a float, we recommend not eating an hour before or having any caffeine. The sense of being in space can bring on the feeling of nausea if this should happen exit the float pod and pool as we don’t want you to be sick.

Tips for a first float

  •  Practice meditation one week prior to help get into “the zone” for your first float
  •  Plan to do a few sessions 7 days apart to see if this therapy is right for you
  •  Don’t drink or do drugs before you float
  • Avoid a large meal or caffeine at least 1 hour before you float
  • Combine your float treatments as a part of your meditation practice or add massage to get into your float session faster
  • Recently dyed hair, wait 2 weeks prior to a float
  • Talk to you doctor if you are taking any psychoactive medications