First Time Float Enthusiasts’

Float Therapy Burlington - Thera Float & Massage

We often see first time float enthusiasts’ book spontaneously an hour prior to their appointment time. Although we appreciate the initiative in wanting to try it right away, it is not always the best way to get the most out of your float experience. Floating is a therapeutic treatment that typically takes more than one session to decide if is the right therapy for you or not.

We have a few tips to make the first float experience a positive one you and for us as operators.

  • One week prior to floating, practice mindfulness to help expand your time in the tank
  • Plan to do more than a single float session when you first start floating and schedule your next session as well as another wellness treatment
  • If you have recently dyed hair or a rinse, wait at least two weeks prior to scheduling a float

Day of the float:

  • Avoid caffeine as it is a stimulant
  • Avoid having a large meal prior
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs
  • Bring a hair brush if needed for after the float, we provide everything else including towel service, shampoo conditioner and body wash!
  • Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing for after your float