Whether you are looking for sensory deprivation or a mindfulness float experience we have the solution! Float therapy creates a weightless bliss of floating in a magnesium solution which removes all tension from muscles and joints. Fully REST calm the mind, calm the body, while exfoliating the skin to restore its natural glow.

  • Single 60-minute Float $70
  • Single 90-minute Float $80
  • Two-hour Float $100
  • 4 Float Package $200
  • 12 Float Package $588
Float Packages
  • 4 Float Package $200
  • 12 Float Package $588

*Prices exclude HST

Float Memberships

Float memberships are a great way to make floating a part of your wellnesses regime and to save on each float session! Our membership program simply involves a one- float per month commitment at a discounted monthly membership rate. Memberships are a six- month commitment.

  • 60-minute Float Membership $50 / per month
  • 90-minute Float Membership $55 / per month

*Prices exclude HST

Each membership saves $20.00+ per month! Any additional float(s) within the same month of your membership saves an additional $5.00 per float!
*Prices exclude HST.

Massage Therapy

The practice of massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or relieve pain  “Massage therapy scope of practice”

  • 60-minute RMT Massage Therapy $110
  • 90-minute RMT Massage Therapy $145

*Prices exclude HST


Reiki is an energy technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and lowers anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners place their hands over a clothed body to deliver energy to the body. The intention of a Reiki treatment is to improve flow and balance to the body and mind.

  • 60-minute Reiki Session $90

*Prices exclude HST

Hot Stone

Hot Stone therapy dates back over 5000 years it is an application of heat through warm basalt stones to the body. This application causes vasodilation resulting in increase circulation and a sedative effect, thus, deceasing pain by soothing the tissues of the body and promoting relaxation.

  • 60-minute RMT Hot Stone Massage 130
  • 90-minute RMT Hot Stone Massage 170

*Prices exclude HST

Indulgence Package


Reconnect and relax with a couple’s mini getaway from life’s many distractions! This treatment begins with a 60-minute individual float in our solitude float pods where couples will float weightlessly to relax the body and mind. Next the couple will retreat and reconnect in the Tranquility massage room for a 60 – minute couples relaxation massage with our RMT’s. This treatment includes a hot towel treatment for the feet and ends with a balancing scalp massage. Please call to book this package 289-245-1992

  • Couples Indulgence Package $300

*Prices exclude HST

Please call 289-245-1992 to book this package

** All massage therapy services are with a Registered Massage Therapists.


Float and massage packages

  • Relax, Rejuvenate and Restore with a 60-minute float and a 60-minute RMT massage $160
  • For the ultimate float and massage experience indulge with a 90-minute float and 90-minute RMT massage $190
  • 60-minute Reiki + 60-minute Float $140

*Prices exclude HST

Massage Therapy

An LMT is a practitioner whom has completed over a 1000 hours of a massage educational program outside of Ontario. A LMT practitioner is recognized through Greenshield, although not as a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario when summiting insurance claims.

  • 60-minute LMT $100
  • 90-minute LMT $135

*Prices exclude HST