Massage and Wellness

Massage Therapy

With fall quickly approaching and the first day of school reminds us of our hectic routines, and it’s time to schedule your wellness.

Regular massage therapy treatments can help promote tissue and joint health and keep your body moving in a pain-free manner so that you can keep active and maintain a state of wellness.

Healthy muscle tissue and joints support our daily routines, and our ability to function.

A daily lifestyle of exercise and work places our muscles in prolonged shortened or lengthened positions, and over time can cause trigger points (specific points of tenderness in a muscle, that becomes irritable over time). As an example of this when seated for prolonged periods of time our hip flexors are in a shortened position. This causes trigger points in the tissue and referred discomfort to other areas such as the back and hips to name a few!

With regular strength training exercises the muscles shorten and single to surrounding muscles to active and contact. Overtime, if not lengthened, can cause postural and training imbalances as well as increased discomfort.

Massage Therapy can help promote healthy tissue and less discomfort, we are a phone call or email away to help keep you moving.