Thera Float & Massage Four Year Anniversary Specials

We are extremely grateful in celebrating our fourth year of being in the business of providing wellness services to the Burlington community and surrounding area.

We appreciate and want to thank you for your on-going patronage and trusting Thera and coming to us as you’re wellness provider.

We want to pass along some great savings and the best self care in Burlington during our four-year anniversary celebration!


Here is what we are offering for the month of August, new packages and a new treatment!

120-minute RMT PURE HYDRO treatment:  $150.00 + HST (Read more below!)

4 x 60 – minute Float Therapy Treatments $180.00 + HST

4 X 90-minute Float therapy treatments   $220.00 + HST

Thera’s Community Support

Ten dollars of each package and five dollars from any product sold during this promotion will be donated to the Burlington Food bank.

 Our 4-year anniversary celebration packages are a limited time offer and can only be purchased until August 31st 2022.

Pure Hydro

The use of salts, mud, and stone from the Dead Sea have been used for centuries to replenish the skin’s vitality, to rejuvenate the body and decrease muscle tension.

Pure Hydro therapy is a 120-minute indulgence treatment that begins with the rejuvenation of the body and exfoliation of the skin, floating weightlessly for 30 minutes in our Serenity float room. The removal of gravity provides a weightless bliss in a magnesium solution that allows space for muscles and joints to fully recover and restore.

Next, drift into a purely relaxing 60-minute massage to the body with the use warm towels and basalt stones by a Registered Massage Therapist for the treatment of soft tissue and joint dysfunction.

A clay application is then applied to the face using high quality luxurious dead sea mud to improve circulation and skin hydration. This treatment ends with a cold stone massage for the face to reduce fine lines and inflammation around the eyes, and a scalp massage to reduce any residual tension.

What are the benefits of Pure Hydro?


The Serenity Float Room on its own allows for the inhalation of dry salt particles to strengthen immunity and improve well- being.


Deep Sea mud applications are known to soften the skin and lift toxins while increasing circulation.

They also soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as reducing pain and discomfort from Rheumatoid conditions.


Float therapy is known to decrease anxiety and associated body pain such as headaches, migraines, arthritic pain, muscle and joint discomfort as well as decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.

Salt components of magnesium are found in Dead Sea salts, which are also found in the solution in all of our float tanks!  When used in regular treatments such as mud applications and float therapy they are known to increase the functionally of the skin’s elasticity and improve the skin barrier.

This special offer is during the celebration of Thera’s four-year anniversary. This 120 – Minute treatment $150.00 * RMT receipts are provided for this treatment