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Floating is when a person lies in a dense Epsom salt and water-based solution. The experience takes places in a Float Tank (pod/ poolroom) that has been specially-designed for this. It is an incredible and highly-effective way of relaxing and relieving stress. This is a very widely-accepted therapy and is used by a number of world-renowned athletes and sporting teams to treat various sports-related conditions and aid in their recovery. Floating is also beneficial for those who want to improve their wellbeing and not only for the sport minded individuals. People float for their own personal reasons and here are a few that we have learned to know:

  • Stress management
  • Mental clarity and visualization abilities
  • Decrease muscle + Joint pain
  • Manage fatigue
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Increase creativity


Sport – minded individuals have found notable positive cumulative effects with more frequent floats and prolonged benefits. Consequently sports-people from various fields use this experience to:

  • Optimise the effects of their training routines
  • Manage fatigue and speed-up their recovery from sports injuries.
  • Removal of lactic acid and other biproducts

Individuals seeking over all well-being find an improvement in:

  • Lower cortisol levels and hormone balance
  • Decrease in daily stress + anxiety
  • Better clarity and mental focus

Gravity isn’t a factor in the float tank as a float therapy treatment provides a complete sense of relaxation to all the muscles in the body for the much-needed break for rejuvenation. Every single muscle in the body gets the rest it needs and the time to recover, truly impressive benefits!

Epsom salts are a magnesium sulphate (which is a muscle relaxant) help to stimulate the production of collagen, (the good stuff for joints that keeps them moving smoothly and with ease.) The therapeutic benefits of your body absorbing the minerals directly into your muscles thereby allowing noticeably less tension as soon as you get up from your float as you fully decompress during your float treatment.


When you are in the float tank the actual rate of recovery post physical exercise is enhanced beyond recognition. Since floating in water that has high concentrations of Epsom salt reduces the stresses of gravity. The weight and pressure is taken off strained muscles, joints, and bones. This increases the efficiency of the blood circulation through the body and it also significantly improves the recovery time after injury.

The body has amazing pathways in place that sets alarms of any change in stimulus such as pain or injury or that of hot or cold etc. When the brain receives these signals, it can then react and adapt accordingly. However, this mechanism is not just designed to cope with injury, all positive signals of relief experienced while floating also go into the brain producing a very profound and complete euphoric of relaxation.


Holidays bring joy and also a more hectic pace that can leave the feeling of a little more tension and stressors than usual. To help regain balance we are offering a great Holiday incentive to help take care of yourself during these busy times or to give the gift of wellness to someone that you care about.

From now until December 31, 2018 purchase 3 Floats for $99.00 a great investment towards a New Years regime of wellness and self care!

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