Why Am I Doing This?

Thera Float + Massage

Life is interesting on the best of days – to say the least, please don’t take this as a negative statement. I believe that we need to own, learn, nourish, adapt and grow from every experience that is presented to us. Once we understand this pretense we begin to adapt to change and ride with the ebbs and flow of life rather than to become reactive, anxious, exhausted and lacking happiness and wellness that we are all deserving of.

If you have ever felt this type of moment, please read on as you are not alone! It was about three years ago, a client came to me with the concept of the float experience, it sounded interesting and a little scary to be honest. Having an active mind and being in the darkness with no light and sound sounded a little intimidating. Being an advocate of health and fitness and working in the health and wellness industry for over thirty years in various roles, I am very open to learning new things to better my own personal well-being and being able to share information with others.

One Wednesday afternoon, I took the plunge and made my way to my first float experience. This is where I met  a very well-educated float facilitator who took the time to clearly explain everything one needs to know prior to a first float and he allowed time for numerous nervous questions! I was prepared and extremely confident going into my first float. Following his instructions, in went the ear plugs, quick shower…check! Enter the tank and slowly lay back, check! I was a pro, or so I thought… within minutes my mind suddenly became very active! “Man, it really is quite in here, I think I can hear myself breathing, yup, I definitely can, where’s the door again? Maybe I need to check and see if it is still there, yup it is…. Hmmm, I should check to see if the sensor light is actually working so I know what to do at the end of my session…. yup it’s totally working.” “Wow I must have been in here forever, think I am done….” Quick shower and off to dry my hair.

After my float, they checked in to see how I was feeling and I told him “great!” He then let me know that I was in there for about 20 minutes and that sometimes this happens during the first float. Feeling more at ease, I decided to take on a membership to work on learning how to quite my mind! I began to float on a regular basis and felt better mentally and physically after each float. I truly understood the value of float therapy and on a personal level floating has helped reduce “life stress” by staying clear and focused, after a workout or after a heavy scheduled week as a massage therapist to help my body to recover faster so that I can keep helping others as this is my true passion. Floating is an extension of my homecare and wellness plan and for this reason – I have opened my own clinic that offers massage therapy and float therapy to extend this modality to my clients.

I am grateful that I have learned about the float experience from others who share the same passion for wellness, with the same goal in mind and spirit of helping others on improving their own personal well-being with float therapy and massage therapy treatments.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope that this encourages you to take the plunge as well!

Be well,